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    SINNERS                                                                                                      OWEN KLINE

    SILVER TONGUES                                                                                     SIMON ARTHUR

    MARGARET                                                                                                KENNETH LONERGAN

    FROM OTHER WORLDS                                                                           BARRY STRUGATZ

    THE NEXT BIG THING                                                                              POSNER BROTHERS

    QUIZ SHOW                                                                                               ROBERT REDFORD

    HAPPINESS                                                                                                TODD SOLONDZ

    LOOKING FOR RICHARD                                                                        AL PACINO

    REVERSAL OF FORTUNE                                                                         BARBET SCHROEDER

    CHERRY                                                                                                      JON GLASCOE

    SLAVES OF NEW YORK                                                                          JAMES IVORY

    NADIA                                                                                                        ALAN COOKE

    FAIR GAME                                                                                               ANDY SIPES

    FOREVER LULU                                                                                       AMOS KOLLEK

    PRISONERS OF INERTIA                                                                        JEFF SCHER



    BOARDWALK EMPIRE                                                                           HBO/ Recurring

    HYSTERICAL BLINDESS                                                                        HBO/ Guest Star

    THE SOPRANOS                                                                                      HBO / Recurring

    THIRD WATCH                                                                                        NBC / Guest Star

    LAW AND ORDER                                                                                  NBC / Guest Star

    CHICAGO HOPE                                                                                     FOX / Guest Star

    RISE AND WALK                                                                                    FOX / Lead / MOW

    CRIME STORY                                                                                        NBC / Series Regular

    PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE                                                                       CBS / Series Regular

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE                                                                                 CBS / Series Regular

    87 PRECINCT                                                                                          NBC / Supporting

    OUT OF STEP                                                                                          CBS / Lead / MOW



    LABETE                                                                                                    RICHARD JONES

    PLENTY                                                                                                   DAVID HARE

    THE ROSE TATTOO                                                                               DOUG HUGHES

    THE CRADLE WILL ROCK                                                                   LONNY PRICE



    THE ALCHEMIST                                                                                   Classic Stage Company

    PLENTY/ CINDERS                                                                                The Public Theater

    RICH RELATIONS                                                                                  Second Stage

    DON JUAN / GRAND MAGIC                                                               Manhattan Theater Club

    LIFE AND/OR DEATH                                                                            Circle Rep


    REGIONAL THEATER (Partial List) The Guthrie/ The Acting Company/ Cincinnati Playhouse

    LONDON · ENGLAND Three Sisters/ The Country Wife/ Summer And Smoke/ The Sea/Present Laughter



    MEDEA · Acting Company / THROWN VOICES · Multimedia Film/ IT’S STILL LIFE · Commissioned by the

    Whitney Museum of Art · LENA · American Place Theater / HOBO SERIES · New Orleans

    MAKE A NOISE · Young Filmmakers / MOMENTS IN CLASSIC LITERATURE · The Kitchen

    SHOUT AND TWIST · Public Theater · Odyssey Theater / FARCE TO FARCE · Director’s Lab


headshots by silvia otte